About us

       The Faculty of Engineering, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) is situated in the south of Thailand in the city of Hat Yai, Songkhla province. Direct travel time by air between Bangkok and Hat Yai is approx. one hour and ten minutes. Alternatively it takes approx. 16 hours by daily expressed trains or 12 hours by daily coaches. But in this age of information technology PSU is at one’s fingertips away.
       The Faculty of Engineering is the first PSU faculty established in June 1967. The aim then, as of now more or less, was to satisfy the needs for engineers in a multitude of national and regional development programs and, inclusively of course, the southern region of Thailand. Global target is now underway.
       In her commencing state, the Faculty was assigned a temporary venue for teaching in Bangkok. In May 1971, our own main faculty building was completed in the district of Khor Hong, Hat Yai city, Songkhla province, and the first group of first year students then commuted by train from Bangkok to their new school. This Satang Mongkolsook Building - the main engineering faculty building - is named in honour of a late pioneering PSU President, Prof. Dr. Satang Mongkolsook. The Faculty occupies an area of over eight acres while the Building covers approx. one-eighth of it under one roof and is the heart of the Faculty still. Periodic expansions, additions and renovations have rendered it her present outlook.
       In 1971, the Faculty consisted of three core departments; Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. This has now grown to seven departments. The four more departments are the departments of Industrial, Chemical, Mining and Materials, and Computer Engineering. Each of the seven departments conducts a four-year Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) course. Five new curricula have since been added - Environmental, Production, Materials, Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering. All first year students are taught subjects fundamental to all branches of engineering. Generally at the end of a first year, each student may opt to pursue study in one of those twelve courses under a general guideline regulation. The outcome to their choices is usually based upon their preferences and their first year academic performance. Recently however, certain departments have since developed partial alternative direct enrolments from their first-year.
       Besides technical and theoretical aspects of engineering, the Faculty also equips students with practical knowledge, responsibility, as well as awareness of social and environmental problems which are vital to all servicing communities and their professional careers. Numerous In-House Practical Trainings, mostly during second year summer vacations, are complementary whereas Industrial Training is compulsory in summer vacations for all third-year students.
       About 750 new undergraduate students enroll annually. On top of this there are 450 postgraduate students (approx. 400 for Master degree students and 50 for Doctoral degree candidates), bringing the total enrolments in the Faculty at anytime to above 3,000. In the 40 plus years since our inception, the Faculty has altogether produced over 10,000 engineering graduates.
       To enhance knowledge and research in engineering - and in compliance to PSU Research University status target - the Faculty has been fast gearing towards evermore postgraduate studies. We are currently offering 9 Master Engineering Degree programmes; Civil, Environmental, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, Chemical, Mining, Materials, and Industrial and Systems. On top of these we are also offering 2 Master Degree programmes in Industrial Management, and Management of Information Technology. Above all, 8 Doctoral Engineering Degree programmes are currently up for offer: Civil, Environmental, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Systems, Chemical, Materials, and Computer Engineering.

All these and much more are operating under our vision: To produce engineers and academic achievements of international standard quality